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Luohe Huahui Daily Articles Co., Ltd(Hereinafter referred to as the company) was set up in June,2007, its former is Luohe Huahui Loofah Sponge Product Processing Factory established in Augus8th, 2003, is a professional manufacturer utilizing the natural loofah as raw material to develop and process series of healthy loofah bath utilities and series of natural loofah pet toys, which are all natural, popular with the consumers during the current period of enjoying the health & environmental-protection consumption. The company has the right of import & export trade business and  also has its own loofah-planting bases. eighty percent of the products are exported to more than fifty countries and regions in the world.

The land area of the company is over 20,000m2 , the building area is 10,000 m2 , we have more than 100 staffs, including 40 staffs of technicians and R&D, the annual revenue is over USD thirteen million.

The main series of products include series of loofah bath product, series of sisal & ramie products, series of loofah insoles & slippers, series of pet toys, series of Biological technology and series of hotel bath, which there are more than 1000 single product.

The director of the company, Mr Midas Han, graduated from a famous foreign trade university in China in 1993, and has MBA education background. He has great experience of loofah processing management and foreign trade business for more years. Mr Han strictly pays strict attention to the product quality during the processing, always insists on the marketing tenet of honest, abides the business credit and especially value good business reputation during the trade business practice. Therefore, the factory has had a high opinion in overseas and domestic markets with best quality of the products, top quality of service, and its famous reputation during the practice of overseas and domestic trade business.

The company researches and develops the natural loofah pet toys  and loofah powder to fill the gaps in the international market and has a strong core competitiveness.

Honesty, Innovation, Efficiency and Safety are the spirit of our enterprise.

The company believes in the principle of "mutually benefit and reciprocity, prestige first". We sincerely hope to co-operates with friends at home and abroad, and develop the long-term, friendly and beneficial trade business relationships!

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